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Watch – Akdi Pakdi | Official Music Video | Liger | Vijay Deverakonda, Ananya Panday | Puri Jagannadh

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The biggest dance track of the year “Akdi Pakdi” is here, with the unbeatable energy from Vijay Deverakonda and Ananya Panday. Composed by Lijo George, DJ Chetas and Sunil Kashyap, this song is penned by Mohsin Shaikh and Azeem Dayani. Sung by Dev Negi, Pawni Pandey and Lijo George, we bet you won’t be able to get over this force of a dance anthem anytime soon!

Song : Akdi Pakdi
Music Composer : Lijo George-Dj Chetas
Hookline by sunil Kashyap
Singer : Dev Negi,Pawni Pandey,Lijo George
Lyrics : Mohsin Shaikh & Azeem Dayani
Song Produced by Lijo George
Music Supervisor : Azeem Dayani
Mixed & Mastered by Eric Pillai (Future Sound Of Bombay)

Musicians :
Trumpet : BABU, Vijay, Gladson
Guitar & Mandolin : Vijay Joseph
Bass : Napier Naveen Kumar
Nadaswaram : Bala
Whistles by Sehran Gazdar
Rhythm : Krishna Kishor and team
Chorus : Deepak , Shenba, Santosh , Jithin
Kids Chorus : Sargam kids choir
Recorded by Mani Rathnam
All live recordings supervised by Krishna Kishor in Chennai
Kid –
Eki baath bolunga seek lo
(I will only say one thing, learn it )

Akdi pakdi dikka dikadi
Dikkidi dikkidi dika dikkidi
Dikka dikkidi dikkidi dikkidi
Dikkidi dikkidi dikkiro
Dikkiro dikkiro dikkiro dikkiro (loop)
Let’s go boys

Chorus – Full Manja
Chorus – Akdi Pakdi Dikka Dikadi Dikkidi Dikkidi Dika Dikkidi Dikka Dikkidi Dikkidi Dikkidi
Dikkidi Dikkidi Dikkiro (2)

Hero –
Ek hi look mein ohh my darling
Main tho fly fly hogaya
Jab se tune touch kiya
(in one look my darling my heart started flying. From the moment you touched me)
Yeh dil bhi shy shy hogya (2)
(my heart became shy)

Heroine: Akada bakadi jamke pakad ape dil ko thu
main bhi yaha ,thu bhi yaha karle gutarguu
(hold your heart tight i am here you are here let’s do some chit – chatting)

Akada bakadi jamke pakad ape dil ko thu
(akada bakadi hold your heart tight)
Chal chod sharma
(keep your shame aside)
Naach balam
(dance my dear)
Kar ke dikha liger step tuu
(show me the liger step)

Kid –
Akadi pikidi thukidi pikidi what the fu

Chorus –
Akdi pakdi dikka dikadi dikkidi dikkidi dika dikkidi dikka dikkidi dikkidi dikkidi dikkidi
Dikkidi dikkiro (2)
Akdi pakdi (2) full manja

Hero –
Ohh meri maina ( hey hey hey hey )
(oh my dear )
Kaho pyaar hai na (hohohoho )
(please tell me that you love me)
Yeh liger deewana tho nache zamana
(liger is mad after you and the whole generation dances with him)


Ohh meri maina (bolo bolo bolo ) kaho pyaar haina (haina haina haina )
(oh my dear (tell tell tell ) please tell me that you love me ( please please please)
Yeh liger deewana tho nache jamana
(liger is mad after you and the whole generation dances with him)

Heroine –
Arree Google kiya hai maine saara jahaan
(I Googled the whole world)
Tere jaise koi nahi majnu yaha
(there is no one else like you)
Aree lakho hazaaro mein tu ajooba
(in lakhs, in thousands, you are the one)
Chal chhod sharam chai garam karke dikhao liger step main
(leave your fear aside the tea is hot till now, show me the liger step)

Chorus –
Dancing foreign style akdi pakdi (2)
Slow down boys
Akdi pakdi (2)
Akdi pakdi dikka dikadi dikkidi dikkidi dika dikkidi
Dikka dikkidi dikkidi dikkidi dikkidi dikkidi dikkiro dikkiro dikkiro dikkiro dikkiro(2)
Yeh liger deewana hogaya (2) ahaa party over go home
(this liger mad after you)

Source : Sony Music India

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