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Thursday Morning Live Show – Rajesh Thakur’s Show

Written by on August 11, 2022

Thursday Morning – Rajesh Thakur’s Live Show

Rajesh Thakur is a broadcaster with over 25 years’ experience, having started with India’s largest broadcaster, the government-owned All India Radio. His widespread knowledge on a variety of issues, even-handed approach to discussions, polite but firm manner with listeners, and his passion for multiculturalism and for embracing life in all its forms, have earned him community respect and lots of fans.
Broadcaster Rajesh Thakur’s morning show is one of the most popular shows on Tune India Radio. The focus is on “News and views” with issues affecting Indian-Australian, as well as those affecting Indian and Australian in general. Bringing up these issues not only gives listeners a platform to express their views but also make them aware on what is happening around them. Bollywood is an integral part of the Indian all over the world and he is able to bring the latest in Bollywood music
Listeners participate not only via phone but also email, Facebook and Twitter.
Tune “Rajesh Thakur’s Morning Show” live weekdays @ 7am Sydney Time

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