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The message is clear to business. Supporting each other is the key to survival

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he world’s largest Barter Trade Exchange, Bartercard International has taken further steps to support Small Business Owners through the most challenging period in Australia’s modern era.

“Our main role as Bartercard, in our 30th year of operation, is to support our 10,000 strong SME community around Australia more than ever before”, said Tony Wiese, Director of Bartercard. “As with so many industries, the traditional methods of doing business have been greatly challenged in recent times, and many small business owners have little to no support network around them offering advice, suggestions, or even just an ear to listen.”

Based on feedback from their business members, Bartercard commenced facilitating regular online business sessions, open to all Bartercard business owners where they could brainstorm new ideas, promote their business’ and creating an environment where business owners are not alone.

Andrew Barker, Chief Marketing Officer for Bartercard comments, “These business sessions were started on the Gold Coast by our Account Management team, who were approached by their members wanting to still be able to connect with fellow business owners, which traditionally was done in person at business functions. These sessions have now grown through other regions and our speciality areas including Tourism. This week, our Tourism team held a session with over 50 tourism operators from the South Pacific and Australia including associations, resort owners and associated industry business’”.

Rusila from South Pacific Tourism Organisation said “…Thank you for inviting us to join in the Zoom meeting yesterday.  It was my first time for international meeting on zoom, how exciting! Great to learn other operators’ business update and how they connecting with their clientele, especially during this difficult time of lock down and almost everyone are working remotely from home. Everyone would like to share their current business status to their clients and stakeholders. Thanks again for the opportunity and look forward to your next meeting…”

“The overwhelming feedback from all of our business sessions has been, thank you for facilitating and co-ordinating the opportunity for us to link up, share ideas, create future business opportunities, and take some positives from the current conditions, said Mr. Barker.”

“Based on this feedback, we want to expand these opportunities to ALL small business owners around the country”. In the coming week, Bartercard will be launching a National Calendar of events via their Social Media channels and website All business owners are invited to attend one or all of these online business events. There will be general business events along with industry specific discussion groups with our aim being to facilitate at least 1 event per week hosted from different regions.

“This is another step we can take to support all small business owners during this time. You can join us to give input, help others, create new customers or just relax between like-minded peers”, said Mr. Barker.

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