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The legend of Kishore Kumar– Rajesh Thakur’s Tune India Radio Classic Show

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Here’s Rajesh Thakur talking about Life Journey of Kishore Kumar on his Tune India Radio’s classic show.

There are singers and then there is Kishore Kumar. An unschooled singer who had no classical training, Kishore Da was truly a master of all trades — be it his beautiful voice that could make any song come alive, his quirky antics while recording those songs, or his charismatic onscreen presence that gave him the epithet of an actor who excelled at comedy. Though he is best known as one of Indian cinema’s greatest playback singers, the multi-faceted Kishore Kumar was also a lyricist, composer, producer, director, screenplay writer and scriptwriter.

Apart from donning many hats in his successful career, Kishore Kumar lived an enigmatic life. His four marriages, eccentric behaviour and histrionics behind the scenes bear testimony to this.

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