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Shaadi-ka-Laddoo.Com – A Hilarious and Chuckling Book For This Festive Season

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Everybody is expected to marry in India, and everybody expects (and tries hard) to find ‘the perfect’ groom / bride. There is now a growing tribe of men and women who start their search for a ‘soul-mate’ in their early or mid-30s (their minds being very well-moulded by then) and often end up not knowing whether to settle for just about anyone at their age or keep looking for that special someone? There is definitiveness in their psyche and a tingling vulnerability in their hearts. This unique mixture, coupled with a dash of peer and ‘mummy’-pressure, along with a strong dose of dreams-induced-by-Bollywood makes up a fun-filled recipe that leaves a bitter-sweet taste in the mind. The influx of online matrimonial portals has widened choices and horizons but at the same time, the online encounters turn out to be extremely hilarious and a little bizarre too. is a comic novelette, published by Readomania Publishing and unveiled at the Pune International Literary Festival in September 2019,  which takes you right in the midst of this modern-day brouhaha, which is typically unfolding in the life of Leena. As you delve into the first few pages, you are certain to take a pause… Lo! Behold! You may be strongly convinced that Leena is your next-door neighbour or the girl that you see everyday briskly walking in the park or one of your colleagues.She is pretty, vivacious, and abides by a mind of her own. She is in her late-30s and though was married once, now lives cosily in her own self-carved comfort zone.

Leena succumbs to her mother’s fretful ranting about her future and agrees to register herself on an online wedding portal. She is neither very rigid about her expectations and nor that flexible– that she will settle for just about anyone. Leena meets several ‘rare-birds’–most of whom are funny; some– a little weird; some– quite crazy and some, simply gung-ho!!!

Leena embarks on a journey and the journey is sprinkled all along with encounters; encounters that she has with a couple of samples, simpletons and smart-asses. At one point, Leena feels like pasting on her status: ‘Before we start chatting, I’m going to need a $100 non-refundable time-wasting fee, just in case you turn out to be a piece of shit.’ No, she does not do that. 

Then, what happens???

Well, would you not like to pick up the book… meet the zany and the uncanny guys along with Leena, order a cup of tea and a plateful of pakoras, –chuckle and exclaim: Aaaaha! Ha! Tee-Hee! Bazinga!

This humorous read is co-authored by Navniit Gandhi and Varuna Khullar. Navniit and Varuna are good friends, and though based in Kuwait and Gurugram (India) respectively, their sense of comic connects them and their expressions. While Navniit has written and published much by way of more than 250 feature articles and 7 Books, Varuna blogs on topics of health and fitness and aspires to take this debut kick-off forward and write more.

Shaadi-ka-Laddoo.Com is now available on Amazon and will have a kindle version soon. Go grab your copy of this hilarious read book to chuckle and giggle unabashedly!!!

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