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Rajesh Thakur

Rajesh Thakur (born 19 June) is an Indian Radio Broadcaster and Podcaster, most known for his podcast show Tune India Radio Classic Show. He host’s Morning show at Tune India Radio.

Early life

Rajesh Thakur was born in the town of ShimlaHimachal Pradesh . He is fluent in Pahadi which is the Himachali lingo, English ,HindiUrdu and Punjabi. He has done his Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Law from Himachal Pradesh University and then moved to Sydney, Australia to complete Information Technology and Business Studies.


Rajesh Thakur was very active with theater and stage shows, in India, during his tenure in school, collage and university . He has learnt Hindustani Classical music and was accredited folk singer from All India Radio Shimla. He has actively participated in inter -collage and Inter -university festivals.

Rajesh started playing field hockey when he was 12, He played many inter state and National Hockey championships and ultimately left Hockey in 1990.

Rajesh Joined All India Radio Shimla as an accredited folk singer and casual announcer during his student life. He has hosted many local festival’s in Shimla and was an active actor for Gaiety Theatre Shimla.

Radio has been his passion and he started Tune India Radio in 2013 in Sydney to promote Indian music, language and culture for Indian diaspora spread across the world.


Rajesh Thakur’s morning show is one of the most popular shows on Tune India Radio. The focus is on “News and Views” with issues affecting Indian-Australian, as well as those affecting Indian living all over the world. Bringing up these issues not only gives listeners a platform to express their views but also make them aware on what is happening around them. Bollywood is an integral part of all Indian’s , over the world, and he is able to bring the latest in Bollywood music & talk show’s.

Rajesh Thakur’s Radio Classic show is one of the most popular show’s and is easily available on itune ,google podcast and Android and over 100,000 plus listeners have downloaded his show over the last few months.

Top Radio Classic Show


Flight From A Paradise – Rajesh Thakur was one of the lead actor for this film

Music Video – Jeevan Beet Chala

Rajesh lives in Sydney with his family

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