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Indian family business wins Australian Exporter of the Year

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Care Essentials has been announced national winner of the Regional Exporter category in the 57th Australian Export Awards.

At a gala ceremony in the Great Hall at Parliament House, Canberra, Mr Ishar Sinha – joint CEO with his father, Abay Sinha – was present to accept the award.

“Twenty years after coming to Australia from India, my parents call Australia home and as a family we are honoured that Care Essentials  is able to provide not only jobs for the local people from Geelong but also raise the international reputation of Australian manufacturing on a global stage,”  Mr Sinha said.

Care Essentials, is now a world leading niche export business that manufactures operating theatre forced warming devices for patients undergoing surgery.

“We bought this business when it was moving towards administration and floundering.  Today we have 6 types of machines, 38 different types of blankets Mr Sinha said.

“Our customers are hospitals and our product is used in operating theatres worldwide.”

The company exports to about 50 countries, including the USA, UK, Germany, Italy, Japan, New Zealand and Canada.

The revenue of the company is presently growing at 30% and exports account for 65% of total revenue.

“If the body is kept warm [during surgery] it doesn’t slip into hypothermia during surgery and warming helps in infection control, Mr Sinh said.

“Studies have shown that through the use of warming blankets, duration in recovery rooms in reduced substantially and has a flow-on effect to the overall duration of stay in hospital during postoperative recovery.

“This again has the domino effect of reducing stress on our hospital system and patient costs as hospital stay times are reduced.

“Each market can have very different and equally as demanding set of rigorous standards. However, because we physically manufacture the machines and blankets in Australia we are easily able to be flexible to meet the needs of our customers and their jurisdictions.

“Austrade has been a great help for our business because not only do we access the benefits of Free Trade Agreements in various countries we export to, we have been recipients of the Export Market Development Grants which made it possible for us to attend all the important marketing exhibitions where we first captured our international customers,” said Mr Sinha.

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