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Ghazal King Jagjit Singh – Rajesh Thakur’s Tune India Radio Classic Show

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Here’s Rajesh Thakur talking about Ghazal King Jagjit Singh on his Tune India Radio’s classic show.

Jagjit Singh’s voice is a voice of a broken man, a man who was broken repeatedly by hardships of life and yet almost every time he rose up stronger and more determined. He never let tragedies of his life obstruct his passion for singing.

One of the silken voices of all times, Jagjit Singh’s popularity traversed continents and multiple generations, making Ghazal a house hold genre, in the days when the form was almost on the verse of extinction. He gave his own thought, rhythm and simple prose to the art of ‘Ghazal’ singing making it reachable to the lamest audiences, who once thought it to be quite an intellectual affair. His form of music made its own impression, which did not depend on Bollywood to widen his mass appeal.

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