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Australian temp record reached and world 6th hottest year declared

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The Bureau of Meteorology has confirmed that Western Australia has recorded a new maximum temperature record and equal national temperature record of an incredible 50.7°C.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and NASA also officially declared 2021 as the Earth’s sixth warmest year ever recorded.

Quotes attributable to Climate Council experts: 

Professor Lesley Hughes, Climate Councillor, professor of biology and pro vice-chancellor at Macquarie University said:

These new global data confirm that 2021 was the sixth warmest year on record for the entire planet. It was the sixth warmest for land and seventh warmest for the oceans.

Here at home, Western Australia has had a tough summer with record temperatures and destructive bushfires, and now it’s just sweltered through its hottest day on record, recording 50.7°C at Onslow in the Pilbara region. For the rest of the country, 2021 was a standout year because it was warmer than any previous La Niña year.

The world is in a long-term global warming trend. Our failure to drive down emissions and our continued use of fossil fuels make extreme events like the deadly temperatures now being experienced in WA inevitable. In fact, record hot days in Australia have doubled over the past 60 years. Climate change is making hot days and heatwaves more frequent and more severe with deadly consequences.

The Federal Government has no credible climate policy in place. Australia must join the global race to urgently reduce emissions during the 2020s to avoid catastrophic climate change.

Dr Martin Rice, the Climate Council’s Director of Research, said:

The years 2013-2021 all rank among the ten warmest years on record. 2021 was also the 45th consecutive year (since 1977) with global temperatures above the 20th century average. This clearly shows the long-term warming trend driven by the burning of fossil fuels and elevates the urgent need for deep emission reductions this decade. At 1.44°C of warming in Australia, we have seen extreme weather events worsening, super charged from the burning of fossil fuels. In a more energetic climate we are experiencing Black Summer fires, more powerful storms, intense rainfall and major flooding, storm surges riding on higher seas, and unprecedented coral bleaching.

Australians are already paying the price for the carbon pollution that’s been added to the atmosphere over the past two centuries. The cost of extreme weather disasters in Australia has more than doubled since the 1970s, reaching $35 billion for the decade 2010-2019.

Source – Medianet

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